8 ounces fat, hot (meat drippings)
8 ounces all-purpose flour
1 tablespoon salt
1 teaspoon black pepper
1 gallon beef stock

  1. Add flour to fat and blend.

  2. Stir in salt and pepper. Cook 5 minutes.

  3. Add stock gradually. Cook, stirring constantly with wire whip. Cook until smooth and thickened.

Yield: 1 gallon

Notes: Potentially hazardous food. Food Safety Standards: Hold food for service at an internal temperature above 140°F. Do not mix old product with new. Cool leftover product quickly (within 4 hours) to below 41°F. See p. 44 for cooling procedures. Reheat leftover product quickly (within 2 hours) to 165°F. Reheat product only once; discard if not used.

If beef or chicken base is used for stock, delete or reduce salt.


Brown Gravy. Use 10 oz flour and brown in the fat.

Chicken Gravy. Use chicken drippings for fat and chicken stock for liquid.

Chicken or Turkey Gravy (using base). In steam-jacketed kettle melt 12 oz margarine. Using a wire whip, stir in 14 oz flour. Cook 30 minutes, stirring often. Add 3 1/2 qt water and 3 oz chicken base. Cook until thickened and no starchy flavor remains, 190°F. Add 1 tsp black pepper, 1/2 tsp poultry seasoning, and 1 tsp caramel coloring (kitchen bouquet) (optional). Makes 1 gal. Salt may need to be adjusted depending on the amount of salt in the chicken base.

Cream Gravy. Substitute milk for water or stock.

Giblet Gravy. Use chicken drippings for fat and chicken stock for liquid. Add 1 qt cooked giblets, chopped.

Onion Gravy. Lightly brown 1 lb thinly sliced onions in fat before adding flour.

Vegetable Gravy. Add 1 lb diced carrots, 4 oz chopped celery, and 12 oz chopped onion, cooked in water, meat, or vegetable stock.