cooking help

I am kind of confused on this and was hoping some one could help? Sorry if this is a stupid question. It says over medium high heat bring to a simmer and simmer for 5 min. Well after i get it to a simmer at medium heat do i keep it there and cook it for 5 min. or do i drop it down to a lower heat? Thinking i keep it there, but not sure? If by keeping it there, if i want to simmer for say 25 min. would i have to check it to make sure its not moved up to a boil?

Thanks ahead of time.

To me, ‘simmer’ refers to a very slow boil. Thus to simmer, you need to heat it at a higher heat to bring it to a boil, but then turn down the heat, so whatever it is, is boiling as slow as it can.
Voila !

I have been searching for a butter and egg biscuit recipe for a very long time can someone help me please