Copycat Emeril's Restaurant Rosemary Biscuits

This recipe was in our New Emeril Secret Recipe email/newsletter yesterday. The recipe sounds great, but it appeared that part was left out. At the end, there’s a section called “To serve,” which mentions shrimp and a sauce for which there are no instructions. This addition sounds delectible and simple. Were these instruction supposed to be omitted?

thanks, Nancy48

Emeril’s Restaurant serves these rolls with one of his signature shrimp dishes. It looks to me like the “to serve” wasn’t needed to be posted.

I don’t think this recipe deserved a thumbs down just for that.

I did not intend the “thumbs down” in 1st thread, I thought the “thumbs down” was a “?” for question (meaning I had a question).

that’s okay Nancy - soemtimes this site can be a bit overwhelming and mistakes happen - but I do hope you try the roll recipe - and you never know - the “rest” of the recipe (dish) may someday be posted as well - then you can enjoy them as if you were at Emeril’s Restaurant!