Corned Beef

I want to make corned beef. I have a 4 pound brisket. The recipes I have call for curing salt. I cannot find it here. I have some Prague powder #1. How much should I add to the brine for the brisket?

I spent 5 hours today looking all over town for saltpeter (potassium nitrate) and it is no where to be found for some unknown reason. I will try the second recipe with 1 tsp of Prague Powder #1, sea salt and pickling spices and see what happens. Thanks for your help.

Let’s say it can be a challenge.


I asked at the largest pharmacy in town and they didn’t have it. The thing is the Thai diet doesn’t include cured meats, so curing products aren’t readily available. I might be able to get it in Bangkok, but I am 2 hours from there and I hate going to the city. I sent an e mail to a company in Bangkok whose website shows they have these products. We will see what happens. I would order from the US, but the shipping is more than the product. When a friend visits I will ask him to bring me some, but that won’t be until July.