Coupon Saving

Do you use coupons when you go grocery shopping?

When I do my “big shopping” I always try to use coupons. I take advantage of the inserts from Sunday paper as well as those sent via internet. On supermarket in my area always has the double deal up to $.60, if I watch closely I can get some good deals. I also like the buy one get one deals. Last year I started putting my savings from coupons aside and within a few months I had accumulated quite a savings accounts, I’ve slacked resently, I need to get back into the habit again.

I have a neice in college and living in a apartment that I send coupons to, the quick meal type or frozen products, make-up and laundry items, she told me that when she gets the envelopes with coupons her and her roommates go thru them and pick what they want to try, they think I’m a cool Auntie!

Aw thats nice you do that with your niece, coupons do help out alot!! Safeway not sure if one is around you, but there are other stores of safeway that have printable coupons and weekly specials and on the 30th of this month you can load the coupons on to your store savings card Safeway - coupons

We do use coupons but our daughter told us about a program she uses called the grocery game and claims to save a lot of money. Has anyone heard of this before?

I use it some times…