Cranberry Christmas Jell-O

Cranberry Christmas Jell-O

1 big pkge cherry Jell-O
1 reg. sized can of jellied whole Cranberries
1 medium sized container of sour cream

Make Jell-O, use directions to melt it, but can use several Ice cubes stirred around for several minutes to cool it down faster and thicken it. Put in the fridge until it starts to set up., but still is loose. Take out of frig. and with a hand mixer add the whole cranberries, then 2/3’s of the medium container of Sour Cream.
Put back into frig and let completely set up.

A friend gave me this recipe. I have not made it but intend to soon.

Holiday Greetings!. . . celebrate each day.

Ladybug in TN