Cream Soups

Hey there. I want to make a cream of potato soup. Just wondering what you would use for the “cream” part. I’ve heard of many different suggestions. I am lactose intolerant to anything above 10% cream… if that makes sense. Like I can have 10% cream, and milk and most other cream like stuff. But something like 18% cream wouldn’t agree with me. Also, how long would you cook a cream soup for?
Any suggestions are welcome!

Hiya’ Sara,

Well, finally a question right up my alley.
I too, am lactose intolerant. So here’s what to use for cream in potato soups;
3 parts Rice Milk to one part non-dairy coffee creamer. You could also increase the ratio to 1 to 1, which will increase the creaminess. Heck, ya’ could use just the non-dairy coffee cream, except its full of fats, especially trans fats. Ergo why I dilute it with rice milk. If ya’ can’t get rice milk, you could of course use soy milk, but whereas soy is great on cereals, it doesn’t work so well with potatoes.
You’re right about your lactose intolerance being a tad off by being affected by the amount of fat in the milk. You see, lactose has absolutely nothing to do with fat content. Lactose is the sugar in milk, which doesn’t change due to fat content. Might be best to check with a doctor on this, coz it could be IBS being affected by the milk fats.Unlike lactose intolerance, which they can’t treat, IBS is something they can.
Good luck…

you right :smiley: