Creamy succotash


1 pkg. (10 oz.) frozen lima beans
2 T. unsalted butter
4 strips bacon, cut into ¼-inch slices
1 medium-sized red onion, chopped
1 large green pepper, chopped
4 c. fresh corn kernels, from 6 large ears
½ c. chicken broth
¾ t. salt
½ t. pepper
½ c. heavy cream
1 c. cherry tomatoes, halved
½ c. fresh flat leaf parsley

Cook lima bean according to package directions. Drain. In large non-stick skillet, add butter and bacon; cook until bacon starts to brown, about 3 minutes. Stir in onion and green pepper; cook about 10 minutes. Add corn, broth, salt, pepper and lima beans. Simmer 5 minutes, uncovered. Stir in cream tomatoes and parsley. Heat through.