crockpot chops

Never satisfied!!! It’s not even summer and the humidity is going to kill me! If it ain’t snow we’re (snowbelt people - or Snowbirds as Southern Belle says LOL) complaining about - its the humidity.

It’s been unbearable - we went from one extreme to another. But I need to cook anyway. So I am being totally lazy - I placed a frozen pack of pork chops in the crockpot with a drizzle of olive oil. When they thaw some I will season with salt, pepper, garlic, parsley.

I’ll make a glaze using 1 c. orange marmalade, 1/4 c. OJ, and season with a seasoning blend that I made.

Corn on the cob and a large green salad should do it.

Of course - crusty Italian bread and iced tea.

I’m adding orange glazed carrots to the menu - steamed carrots - transferred to skillet with melted butter, brown sugar and orange juice…

I’m doing beef brisket in the crock now. Slit it several times and put about 6 sliced very thin garlic in the slits. Rubbed with olive oil it then rubbed it with an herb seasoning blend I made up. Got one large valdalia onion sliced thin, cubed Yukon gold potatoes, thinly sliced fresh carrots in the bottom of the crock. I let the roast sit in the fridge. for about 30 minutes until the herbs set. I used about 1-1/2 teaspoon red cooking wine in the bottom and very little water as I like the roast to make it’s own gravy

Will have fresh steamed whole baby green beans. Old fashioned southern corn bread cooked in my cast iron skillet. Strawberry short cake, with fresh whipped cream flavored with strawberry syrup. Sweetened iced tea, coffee.

Sounds good!

I am greatful for the crockpot in weather like this!

I got the LOOK for not making (baking) a dessert!

Not in this humidity!

So it’s going to be a filled ice cream cake - that should stop “the LOOK”! And with this heat it won’t take long for the ice creamn to soften !! LOL

I know I asked you before what is LOL? I know all most of the aberrations for the computer talk, but some how I always forget that one. I’ve got a journal that I keep on my desk will put that one it to.

How well I know the “LOOK” as I get it a lot here lately about desserts or just something sweet.

Oh guess what it has rained here just a good slow steady rain and it is still raining it has been two hours that it started, hope it keeps up all night. Thank God for the rain ans I did get out in it and planted my veggie garden while they sat on the porch and looked at me like I was some sort of NUT, WELL it felt so good and it is a good time to plant, I usually plant in a light rain like this after the ground gets wet Well I may be a NUT but they don’t wilt and will have the overnight hours to get seated in the ground as the sun is suppose to be out off and on. They say that Thursday and on into the next week it is suppose to be in the high 90’s and no rain in sight and very humid, oh shucks here we go again.

The news said that all of the wild fires have been put out by Barry’s rain. Now those poor people can breathe nice fresh air and so can we if somebody won’t set fire some where else especially here.

Now we don’t actually know what we are going to be about building a new home or replacing this one. Those ideas were just quick one and we are going to wait and see what happens with us in the medical side of it, as I need to have my bladder fixed it feels like it is coming our most of the time, also my colon is giving me trouble so that will be a colonospy, never had one but my hubbie had one in 91’ and they found colon cancer they operated and got it all the first time now it is time for him to have another one, every 5 years. So I will let him go first and if his doc. thinks he needs the operation on his left let him do it so I can take care of him. If my doc. does not want me to wait then I will have the test and if I need surgery let them do it and have a home nurse come and take care of us as the ins. & Medicare will take care of it for both of us. I will be a mess if both of us has surgery at the same time won’t it. Sure hope I can have mine and get over it and then he can have his. Let’s pray for that o.k. as I really am having trouble with both of what I told you.

Now I will make that quick dessert you posted it sounds sooo good. Will let you know after supper.