Crockpot Cooked Wheat

We use this basic recipe for making whole grain breakfasts,
wheat ‘sausage’, wheat ‘burgers’, wheat pilaf, wheat chili,
etc…and in a few desserts too. No, I am not vegetarian or
vegan, but I do like a variety of meat and meatless meals.

For those new at using wheat…purchase (at health food
store, online, local grain outlet, food storage outlet) either
hard red winter wheat or hard white winter wheat for this
recipe. The red is stronger in taste, so most people like the
white much better. Have been eating wheat for so many
years now, that I personally like red for breakfast, except
when making ‘creamy wheat’, and white for most breads
and desserts.

A WORD TO THE WISE: when first starting to eat wheat,
whole grains, cooked dry beans, or any fiber food…even
more veggies and fruits…START OUT SLOW, like a few
(2 to 5) Tablespoons per day, give your body time to adjust
to the extra fiber.

1 c. dry wheat kernels (also called berries)
3 c. water
1/4 tsp. sea salt (table salt will also work just fine)

Rinse/drain wheat in a screen-type colander, place in crock
pot. Add water and salt, stir. Cook on low for about 7 hours,
until wheat is popped opened and tender…sort of like rice
…but it will be tender + chewy because of the healthy
insoluble fiber found in wheat.

FOR BREAKFAST: small bowl of crockpot wheat, some real
maple syrup, and a bit of butter or cream. Once you like
cooked wheat, this is an addictive breakfast…very filling
and yummy…I love the smell of wheat as it is cooking!!