crockpot cooking today!

It’s one of those days where you don’t know what to cook. So I pulled frozen round steak out of the freezer - this slice is a thick one. So I cut it in 1-inch or so strips, placed in crockpot with a tad of olive oil, plenty of fresh garlic, fresh parsley, kosher salt and cracked black pepper; added enough chunked onion and sliced green and red bell pepper to fill a 6-qt. crockpot ! LOL It’s set on HIGH and I will make mashed potatoes with gravy and buttered peas when it’s time. Thick sliced Italian bread with butter and finely minced garlic, toasted in the oven - and everyone should be happy.

Dessert - mexican ice cream sundaes - vanilla ice cream, chocolate syrup, spanish peanuts, whipped cream and a cherry on top! (after this dinner dessert will be served much later!)