Crockpot Day

EASY cooking -

The roast beef is in the crockpot, seasoned with fresh garlic, salt, pepper, parlsey.

Gravy will be made; potatoes will be mashed (traditional butter, milk, salt and pepper); buttered corn. Since the roast is large - extra gravy will be made so that I can freeze sliced beef and gravy for another easy meal! Since the roast is frozen, juices are ladeled out and placed in a pan and put in the refrigerator until the roast is done. Once the roast is removed from the crockpot, scrapings are put into the pot and gravy is then made on the stove.

Light green salad - romaine, tomato, croutons; fresh lemon and olive oil; salt, pepper, basil.

Lunch - baked potatoes smothered with steamed broccoli and cheese sauce; sprinkled with crisp fresh bacon pieces.