Crockpot question

I’m not the best college student cook but I try. I do try to make a romantic meal for my girlfriend in a crockpot because of the ease. Here’s my problem. I found a Brazilian Chicken Curry crockpot recipe to make for my girlfriend and myself last weekend. Called for coconut milk, curry powder, chicken thighs, red bell peppers and onion. said to cook on low 5-6 hours on low. at 4 hours the bones in the chicken thighs pulled out easy. i served in on a bed of hot rice. it looked good but the taste was bland. the coconut milk looked and tasted more like water than the taste of creamy coconut milk. plus i thought with the curry paste it would be a little spicy tasting chicken but nothing. a lot of my crock pot meals seem to come out watery and bland tasting. what am i doing wrong?

It could be the brand of coconut milk and curry paste you use. For coconut milk I use Chaokoh brand. When I took Thai cooking classes, this is the brand recommended by the teacher and I have found it to be very rich and creamy. I make my own curry pastes, so I am of no help to recommend a specific brand, but I think Maeplow (sp) brand is good.