Crowd Finger food

Does anyone have an easy finger food recipe to serve about 40 to celebrate a girl turning 16 years old? There will be both girls and boys. They have turned the food over to the Grandmother who has no idea what 16 year olds eat as finger food. Thanks for ANY help. :roll:

With my teenage grandkids, mini hamburgers are always a big hit. And mini quesadillas are also enjoyed.


Thanks, that is so simple, and all kids love both. :smiley:

What about boneless chicken wings? My kids have always loved them & they’re not as messy as regular ones (no bones!!).

How about mini burritos? You can make them using the small tortillas. Or make the regular flour tortillas spread with cream cheese, a slice of ham and maybe a sliced jalapeno. Roll up, slice in bite size pieces and put on a serving platter. My teens always liked anything with a Mexican flair.

For dessert, (if you aren’t having cake) you can’t go wrong with brownies. Have very rarely met anyone who doesn’t like chocolate.

Teenagers ALl seem to LOVE pizza, cut them cut into “stick” like shapes. probably 3 1/2 inches long by 1 1/2 inches wide. Yu couldhave dipping sauces (garlic butter, spaghetti (marinara) sauce, and ranch dressing.