Cucumber Dip

One medium to large cucumber
One Pint Sour Cream
One Tablespoon Onion Powder
One half teaspoon Garlic Powder
One Tablespoon Parsley Flakes
Seasoned salt 1 teaspoon or to taste

Cut the ends off the cucumber and peel, leaving some peel on (for color). Remove the seeds, and cut the remaining cucumber into small chunks. Place the cucumber chunks in a blender and blend until well pulverized. Using a coffee filter or fine strainer, drain the juice from the cucumber mush. (NOTE: Save the juice!) When the mush is well drained, mix all ingredients together. This is an excellent dip for chips or veggies. OH! And the juice you saved? Make some lime Jello and use the cucumber juice as part of the liquid, then add your choice of veggies and/or fruit cocktail…Mmmmm, good.