Cupcakes & Muffins!!!?

This may sound a bit stupid, but I would like to know the difference between a cupcake & a muffin. Is there any difference?

Hi! Good question. My husband said, in his opinion, that a cupcake usually rises even with the pan whereas a muffin rises way over the pan. It mushrooms. And if that’s not it, one might be Canadian and the other American. :lol:

I may be wrong but I always thought that the cupcake was just a cake made as a smaller version to be easier to pack in lunches and was usually frosted. The muffin usually was not as sweet (unless it had the streusel topping) and was not frosted.

I am inclined to agree with vanilla953. Thats what I always thought the difference was. A cupcake, was more cake and the muffin was more like a bread.