curled pork chops

I have never read a recipe for pork chops which require browning with any instructions on how to keep the chops from curling so only the center of one side gets really browned. I have heard of slicing the edges, but no recipes ever suggest this. Help!

Truth be known, pork chops curl whether sliced on edge or not. Just the nature of the beast. Yes, slicing the edge does help, but often any bone still bulges.
What I do is weigh them down. A brick covered with foil works well. I actually use the bottom of one of my cast iron skillets.
But take note, coz doing so will make your chops cook faster.
ps~using such a weight, is marvelous when ya’ want crispy bacon.

Personally, I wouldn’t use the foil covered brick. As I have posted before, aluminum leaches into the food and aluminum has been linked to Alzheimer’s.

Restuarant suppliers actually sell a device called a ‘Bacon Weight’. It looks like a common trowel, but is much heavier.
Although the fears of aluminum foil and cookware have been disproven over the last few decades, the use of a porous brick could present a problem if the foil tears and allows food juices to touch the brick. It’s nearly impossible to get them out of the brick.
As far as aluminum being linked to Alzeimer’s, it is true that higher concentraions of aluminum were found in the brains of those with Alzeimer’s, which was cause for concern when first found. Yet, because there is no way to avoid aluminum in one’s diet (it’s the 3rd most available element in the earth’s soil), its in our water, plants, air, etc. In fact, one antacid has more aluminum than you’d ever get from an aluminum fry pan. Even two Bayer asprin has more than that.
Thus, The Alzeimer’s Association, now thinks aluminum might actually be our body’s way of combatting Alzeimer’s. Ergo why our immune system sends aluminum to our brains once the condition appears. The aluminum is already present in our bodies.

There are conflicting reports regarding aluminum and Alzheimer’s. I would rather err on the side of caution. Of course, there is aluminum in foods, but no need to introduce more into the body. Aspirin is a drug I avoid except for a small daily dose of the coated variety, since aspirin can cause abdominal bleeding.