daddy's meat loaf

2 parts lean ground beef to 1 part hot pork sausage
depending one the amount of meat, if you start with 2 pounds of beef, this is the quantities to use…
4 large eggs
onions diced small
green pepper diced small
saltine crackers, about 3 packs to be safe
3 cans of tomatoe soup
lots of black pepper
salt a couple dashes of oregano
onion salt

the onions, peppers and spices are to your own taste, we make ours on the strong side, with a good amoutn of the veggies.
mix the meats, and eggs together with 1 can of soup, then add 2 packs of crackers
add more soup if it’s too thick, you dont want it sloppy, but you dont want it terribly thick
then add in the veggies and spicesplace it in a bread pan, smother the top with more tomatoe soup and bake about 45 minutes or untill the juices coming out of it are clear and the top is nice and almost burnt.
feel free to add any other spices that your family may like, daddy made many different versions, but this was the one we remember the most, i hope you will enjoy it.