Daft question regarding cooking chicken?

Hi guys, hope you can help me here, I’m not a muppet but have had a bit of a dozy moment! I’ve just done some chicken and bacon pasties but didn’t fry the chicken bacon and onion before putting them in the pastry and oven! Is this safe or ok, it should be 25 mins at 200’ but this is obviously for browned chicken! Any ideas on cooking for longer at a lower temp etc to make sure the chicken is cooked ok? The chicken and bacon is in tiny tiny pieces!:-?

Thanks in advance!

The chicken should reach a temp of 180 degrees to be done. I don’t know how to check that when it is in the pastry.

I wouldn’t chance it to be honest with you.

I would sacrifice one of the pastries to test the internal temperature with an instant read thermometer. If the chicken is really small pieces it ‘might’ be cooked enough, but I would not guarantee it.