Dang cold today!

This cold is just tooooo early! It is ruining the fall months!

The rain today was more like snow!

So I had the oven going today - made some breaded chicken and baked taters. Heated up the house nicely. Heated up rye bread that I buttered first.

The blankets are piled on the beds already!

I’m not ready for this cold!

OMG, it has gotten cold here too. This morning is it down to 28 degrees C (about 82F). He he he, I just couldn’t resist, sorry.

well ha ha ha and a hardy har har - LOL!

geez -

BTW - we’re tough here - at 30* F. it’s still T-shirt weather for us snow people.
Winter coats are usually warn (opened) when the temps hit the 20’s - gloves, hats and scarves are added when it’s in the teens.

Below zero we button a few buttons on the coats - maybe.

When winter is coming to an end and those minus 40 below zero temps start to move up - we hit 30 and you see the lunatics out there jogging in shorts and tees with mittens and ski caps on! Those goof balls drive with the car windows down and the radios blasting as if it were summertime! They may be jogging/driving on 12 inches of packed ice - but they don’t care - to them it is warm.

By the time it hits 40 everyone is getting ready to plant their gardens - YES WE DO PLANT HERE!

At 50* F. they get their swimming pools ready.

At 60* F. - everyone is half-naked.

We’re tough up here - and we laugh at the Floridians that wear winter gear when the temps hit 65!

But this ol’ gal has her snuggies on already. I freeze too easy - ain’t young like I used to be.

LOL. Just turned on my heat last night for the first time this season.

I’ll have mine on sometime today - I’ve got a new furnace being installed today - and I can’t wait! I’m getting it just in time - thank heaven! And I can’t wait - it’s COLD!

I am originally from Chicago, so I do know what cold weather is all about. That’s one reason I love it here so much.

the windy city??? we get enough winds off the lake here and it’s all open - so we get blasted - I don’t mind the snow - just wish we’d only get 2 inches of it

The Windy City - Most people think Chicago is called that because of the wind. Not true!!
Way back when Chicago was campaigning to get the Colombian Exposition in 1893, the NY delegates said, “That Chicago bunch sure are windy.”, referring to bragging about the city. There are many cities windier than Chicago. Boston is one; the average annual wind speed of Chicago is: 10.3 mph (16.6 km/h); Boston: 12.4 mph (20.0 km/h)

I’ve learned something new! Were you in chicago during the blizzard of '77 by any chance?

I was in many blizzards in Chicago from the time I was born until 1989 like the one in 1967, 26 inches fell overnight.

26 inches overnight - pfffttttt… try finding 26 inches in 2 hours!!! the blizzard of 2000 - between the blowing and the snowfall - in 24 hours we had over 14 feet - believe me - we were buried

the guy down the street actually went to the barns and stole a front loader type thing to try to clear snow so we could see if everyone on the street was okay - the cops let him go because of all the old,m sick and disabled on the street - but he did catch h.e.l.l. from them for trying to dump the snow over the thruway at the end of the street

eventually the recruits got here and cleared the street enough so we could push snow into the street only to be cleared again so we could get out

our snowbanks going down the sides of the driveways were over 18 feet high

we get fined for now shoveling our sidewalks - that year - they let us go

my second floor deck in the back??? the snow was piled about 12 feet up from there - couldn’t do a thing about it until it all melted on its own - that year I think we still had piles of snow in june

With this cold climate…chicken soup tastes more…wow…what a chicken soup…!