Decorate a Dinner

Hi Guys I am arranging a dinner for my friends this weekend. And this is the first time I gonna do. So I am all set with my recipes, dinner wares,and menus including tea towels for decorating the dining. Is there anything important for furnishing a good dinner party? If so please do help me for a pleasant suprise.

A low flower arrangement is nice. Be sure when seated you can see over it to be able to have a conversation with the person opposite you. Or you can make individual small arrangements for your guests to take home with them.

If using flowers buy flowers that have a very light scent if any at all. Also, if using candles, don’t use scented candles. You don’t want these scents to conflict with the aromas of the food.

You can make attractively wrapped gifts of homemade chocolate truffles and place them at each diners place with their name on them to be used as place cards.