Deep fried breaded zucchini

Hi this is a great way to find new recipes.
I’m looking for breaded fied or deep fried zucchini If tere is anyone that can help me please[

I bread zucchini with Drakes Mix and then deep fry it.Make mix a little thicker than package call for.It is a thicker breading this way.We love it

I’m not able to bring up the Breaded Zucchini recipe. How do I get it?


I deep fry my zucchini with Brodies self-rising flour. I just mix the flour with water until I get a thick batter and then I dip the zucchini and fry. They turn out great!

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I use Whistle Stop fried green tomato batter but 1st
I sprinkle with Emiriels or Chef Promanade seasoning


pleese give to detals ,to found the recipes