Deleted post

Well I see my comments and suggestions that I posted a week or 3 ago have been purged from the site!

I see that there has been a slight change , no matter how minsicule, to the order of the topics.

Maybe folks can find what they are loking for without having to wade through many bogus posts now.

Post that are critical of the site without offering any suggestions for improvement serve no constructive purpose and will be deleted.

Well it does say Comments and suggestions, not comments with suggestions!
I made a comment and you suggested it did not belong here; so be it it is your world.

I now have a comment and suggestion that you change the title of this web site to " The Kitchen Witch’s private Postings"

There is nothing secret about the recipes being posted here any more.

There is a whole world of “extreme” cooks and those interested in “good” food that have been driven away from this site.

How many of your " Mods" still post or comment here?

Only one!

Delete this if you want ! I don’t care any more!

Colgreen, you seem to have some deep rooted issues with Kitchen Witch. I’m not sure why there is so much animosity towards her. Do her contributions to the site somehow prevent you from contributing? Are you passively suggesting that I censor her because of your opinions of how the site should be?

Maybe you think the site owes you something for the 20 posts you have.

You mentioned before that you were gone for good but here you are again. We must be doing something right to encourage such loyalty from you.

We are in the process of making some changes to the site to encourage people to post more and help others. They may even motivate you to post something constructive from time to time.


Colgreen, I think all of the people on Recipe Secrets are very nice and helpful, they have sure helped me with different recipes and not just Kitchen Witch, but most all of who I’ve asked even Amin1 All are so very nice I have had comments and suggestions and they have been very helpful. I have gone to other web sights for recipes and just chats but by far Recipe Secrets are the nicest. I have dropped some of the other cooking sights except two and thing very seriously of dropping them to.

Hoo Ray For Recipe Secrets. I’ll never leave this site!!!