It can be made from any number of eggs, a little more milk than you’d use for scrambled eggs, a little sugar, salt and baking powder and enough flour to make a thin batter, like a very thin pancake batter. Fry in butter in a hot black iron skillet, stirring and turning it until it is golden brown.

A variation is adding bread crumbs to the egg-milk mixture, with a pinch of salt, sugar and no baking powder, until all the liquid is absorbed.


This is a very similar dish, also economical and very tasty and satisfying. These dishes were made many tines a week and the families never tired of them.

Fry bacon, cut into small pieces. Pour over it a batter made of 3 eggs, 1/2 c. milk and 1/2 c. flour and seasoning. Stir and turn until it is golden brown like omelets. Pork cracklings were also used in this dish.

Another Kratzen and Schmorn is:


5 eggs, salt, milk, and flour made this simple easy dish. Bacon drippings were heated in the large heavy skillet, the above was mixed well and it was poured into the hot grease. With a pancake turner it was turned over and over until it was all cooked, light, fluffy and brown.

It was served with one of the sauce made from berries or rhubarb, cornstarch and sugar, or with syrup from the gallon pail.

Lazy pancakes (or Schmorn/Schmarren, or Kratzen) kept many a family from going to bed hungry.

Another version:
Heat 2 c. milk, broke up dry bread, as much as can be absorbed and poured, three or four beaten eggs with salt and pepper and a pinch of sugar and fried in a pan.