Diet 4 Idoits...Info.

If anyone is interested in this diet, contact me!! I signed up for it and can tell you all about it. I’m sure you could lose lots of weight, but it is very strict and the menu has 14 items that repeat for 11 days. Then when you ask for the next 11 they add a few things but reshuffle the same menu over again…lots of repeating. Few choices. More info. contact me!! :roll: Everyone…I had to add this note…I was never advocating this diet, just warning against wasting your money on it…Try Body for Life…it is a great way to lose in a safe manner. It includes exercise, small portions and eating in a very healthy manner…You can purchase the book at Wal-Mart and that is all you need…!
Dainty Dish!!!

I would be careful of those kinds of diets. I don`t think any diet where you only get to eat 14 items can be very good. Everyone that I have heard of that has done one of these kinds of diets has gotten very sick.

I totally agree with you! Just the word DIET does something to people. LOL That’s why in order to lose weight successfully and keep it off, one must not think of it as dieting. One must think of it as changing their eating habits. By changing your eating habits, you manage to lose weight and keep it off. “Diets” are just a QUICK fix for weight loss that doesn’t last. But…change your eating habits and your weight loss will last. Limit your food intake. If you have a sweet tooth, take a bite of a chocolate bar instead of eating the whole chocolate bar, etc., etc. Instead of 4 pieces of pizza, have 1. This has worked for a lot of people that I know.
Also drink lots of water and EXERCISE, even if it’s only 30 minutes a week!

And its the yoyo dieting that puts on the weight. By yoyo dieting [u]I[/u] mean, when you try a fad diet and find out it doesnt work you go off it and only end up gaining more weight. So what do you do, try yet another fad diet. And so on and so on. It`s a vicious cycle.
Many a doctor has told me that the correct/healthy way to lose weight is to simply cut down on fat. Which can be hard to do, but just something that simple really does work. Eat as much fresh fruits and vegetables as you want.
Here is something I think will make more sense than me.

Or you can just type in any search engine “what is the healthiest way to lose weight” or something like that.

One more thing,if any of you have young kids, please please please dont make comments about what you feel about your body infront of your kids. Like looking in the mirror and saying "geez im so fat" or “geez i look like crap” or anything like that. My daughter has bulemia and she said that was one of the contributing factors, hearing me saying stuff like that.

I would really like the diet program for Slim4life. I know serveral people who have lost weight on it and it works. I looked into it but was going to cost about $1,000. That was the program and milage, etc. I cant do that, I have twin sons! :smiley: Oh well. But I would be interested in what kinds of foods are on that 14 day diet.


:stuck_out_tongue: This is my first time in a forum Im from Mexico I love to cook but I dont know how this work ¡sorry¡ Im tryin ok? Im interesting in your diet, Whill you please tell me what to do? I mean what to eat¡ thank you

Dear Everyone…I was not advocating this diet. I was trying to warn against it. Please try reading “Body for Life”, it is great and not expensive. Just buy the book at Wal-Mart and start exercising. It does work…I lost 56lbs. on it eating in a healthy manner!! Sorry about the confusion.
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