Do Low Carb diets really work?

I’m considering doing the Atkins diet. Does anyone have any experience with it they are willing talk about? Does it really work? Can I do it on my own without spending money:?:

:? This is in regard to the Adkins diet. There seems to still be many mixed reviews. The latest I read was that since you are eating such high fat foods, though you might not gain the weight one would normally assume from eating that way. you will not get near the ammount of roughage fiber you need and will be a prime candidate a few years down the line ( if you remain on the diet as many do ) for colon problems or cancer.
At any rate, I did try this diet and thought of it as extremely restrictive. I could not manage it seemed to get out of the induction phase and was not losing wt. very quickly at all. After two months and only a loss of five pounds I threw in the towel. I switched to the Weight Watchers Points diet regimem and lost 31 pounds in three and a half months.
I do know from trial and error that it’s probably better to not get into things that are extreme changes like Adkins right from the get-go…it was months later that I could look at an egg with any desire at all after all the allowable eggs on that diet and I think the key to the whole diet thing just might lie in trying to stay moderate with all your eating habits. I have since had to back way off any products with glueten in them…bread, pasta, etc…so that puts me about ten pounds lighter right off. Now I just have to get out my wt. wachers books and get back to it.

I tried the Atkins diet. Bought all the cookbooks and everything. I lost almost twenty pounds in the first four weeks. The thing that I liked was within days I felt so much better. I had been ill for over a year and had no pep and then here it came rushing back, I felt great! That is until I was rushed to emergency with gall bladder attack. Three times in two weeks.
My doctor almost croaked when he checked my cholestral level.
Twenty years ago I did Weight Watchers and lost 80 pounds in three months and have kept most of it off.
I think I will stick with eating what I want, just in moderation.

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I really wonder about Adkin’s Seems to me to be very one-sided! Too much fat, and where are the fruits and veggies? Experience has tought me that a balanced diet is best in the long run. What do you think?

Both of my parents and a good friend have all gone on Atkins. Between the three of them they have lost over 100 pounds. My dad has struggled with high blood pressure and high choloestoral. After only being on it for three months it was time for his physical. Not only was his blood preassure lower than it had been in 15 years but his cholestoral was way down also. The doctor told him to keep doing what he is doing becasue it was obviously working

:wink: I think there is little question that for some the Adkins diet may be a good thing. It does do a lot of good for many people. I believe though that it’s probably better perhaps for those who are older and possibly have severe problems not only of weight, but blood pressure, cholestrol or perhaps sugar im-balances too. This to me would justify the risk of colon cancer or other bowel problems. For people though who are otherwise healthy, I personally feel it’s very restrictive and for me not worth the effort and deprivation.
All the best,
Jackie I

Hi ~ If you’re considering Atkins, I would suggest that you give “Somersizing” a look. My husband and I have been “SSing” for 3 years now and I’ve lost almost 100# and am at goal. Suzanne’s website is: Then click on “communities” then on “somersize”. Then scroll down to the “SS” forums - past her jewelry, clothes, etc forums.

We’re a very friendly bunch and willing to help. You can usually find any of her books in the library. You do not have to spend any money buying “her” products, etc. Ãœ

I started Atkins about 2 years ago. I weighed about 190 lbs, I am a 5’4 female. After 3 kids and some medical problems, my weight just seemed to be out of control. I was at the end of my rope. I had seen a friend of mine drop her unwanted weight…and felt that if it worked for her, it just might work for me. I am a believer in the low carb lifestyle. It is different, but if it works for you…that’s what matters. Being over weight is very unhealthy. I have dropped close to 50 lbs…and have kept it off for over a year now. I have moved on with the weight gone…I went on pursuing my goals…I am now a bonified triathlete, soon to complete my first IRONMAN in October. Atkins gave me the edge that I needed. It got the bulk weight off…and now since my training is so intense, I eat a more balanced diet. But if or when my training starts to cut back, I will return to a more strict…lower carb way of life. It just works for me, and makes me feel better. I will offer any further advice if you would like me to.

The thing is: you have to find what works for you!

Good Luck!!!

The cost of a book is all that I invested. You can do it on your own.

Forgot to answer your question in my first reply.

:lol: Hi Everyone; It’s been a while since I checked into the forum. In the meantime I have started using the South Beach Diet Program. It has strong similarities to Adkins…the major difference appears to be the fact that SB is low-fat which was the saving grace for me. As well, SB uses the glycemic index as the overall method of determining if a food will work well on the program. Again, I think you would probably moderate to some extent, but not only plenty of wt. loss to date for me…from 204 to 179 since June 23, but the fact that my Dr. says I may soon be able to leave my blood pressure medication at the pharmacy ( outstanding news to me ) if things continue as they are at this time. I feel so much better than I did. I easily managed ( unlike my first attempt on Adkins ) to break my addiction to cookies, pies etc. All sweets in fact, as well at many kinds of fried foods. I’m seldom hungry which the program says will be the case. Only exception I found was having to skip a meal or have it much, much later than expected. I’m looking for really healthy, fresh foods and most of my “old pantry” items have been donated to others. I’m working on my feet—another problem that came up a while ago ( and I’m sure the extra wt. was not a help there ) and will soon re-start my walking program which was so successful for me earlier.
At any rate…the South Beach books can all be found at Wal-Mart if anyone is interested. Of course, there again—think it’s one of the posts up above…it’s whatever works for anyone that is the key. I wish you much success whatever your’re doing. Just Jackie



You saved me from writing a diatribe. I’ve been on it since 1976. Went from 160 to 106 now. I think I’ll live with the “risk.” LOL

I lost weight on Atkins but as soon as I started a limited carb diet I gained it all back plus a couple. My life style is everything in moderation. I have seen too many people skinny and when they get sick they have nothing to fight with. I need a little fat.


[/i][/b]Yes, it does work. Problem is you need to follow the advice of a doctor. The low crab thing is for diebetics. It’s a neccessary evil for some of us. If it makes our eating habits healthier then why not? You don’t have to eliminate things just lower the amount of the things that are high in crabs.

I’m 42 and had my third child at 39. Let me tell you that “baby fat” doesn’t budge when you get past 40. I didn’t have any energyand I know I was addicted to sugar because I was looking for something to make me feel good, like instant energy. It was my mom who got me to finally try the Atkins diet. Since June 1st, I’ve lost 25 pounds. I’ve just started walking 4 miles 3 times a week, because I finally have the energy back. I’m back in most of the clothes I haven’t even looked at since I got pregnant. I think you just have to use your head. It only limits you on most of the fruits and vegetables during the induction stage. You have to be the one to decide if you can handle it. It is a Life style change. I’m much more conscience of what I put in my mouth now. I, for one enjoy feeling good and looking good. Good luck to any of you who decide to try it. You just have to give it time for your body to adjust.

Low carbs may or may not work but that is not the only thing in the world, thesecompanies making low carb everything all jumping on the bandwagon make me laugh, I lost 22 pounds and it wasn’t on low carbs, I cut back on sugar and fats and walked every day and everything in moderation. What a gimmick (in my opinion)

frankly i do not reccommend any diets where u have to almost completely shut out all carbs. true, you may lose weight, but ure also losing very important nurtients which you may need in the future. I would reccommend like low fat and doing stuff where your food isnt so fatty like taking the skin off the chicken and baking more. it’s ok to cut out a few carbs but dont go completely crazy and think the only way u can lose weight is to completely cut them all out cause ure hurting ureself in the end.

I also tried the Atkins diet but found that although I did enjoy eating bacon and eggs after a month having a check up at the doctors my cholestral had jumped quite a bit. Did some research and found that for most people the cholestral goes down on this diet there are a small percentage where it goes up. I fall in that group. So quit the diet.
Unknown what long term effects it would have on a person as I did not stay on it that long.
First, I really did not lose weight, large amounts of fat and I do not agree with each other.
Everyone needs a small amount but my troubles begin when my intake is too high.
I happened to see a diet advertised on TV whereby people were losing large amounts of weight. They gave a site where recipes could be found.
To make a long story short, read and copied recipes and pretty much figured out the main points of the diet and without buying it when on it.
It consisted of no wheat, dairy products, egg yolks, sugar and as little salt as possible with lots of water to drink.
Sounds not that great, but I am only able to get 5 or 6 meals not the seven they call for and am never hungry as you eat about every 3 hours.
Have oatmeal with egg white (custard) for breakfast sweetened with Splenda and cinnamon.
Snack: 1/2 banana and small amount of chocolate soy milk. (have to have chocolate)
Lunch (get up too late to include this meal) If you do eat it just smaller amount of same items used for dinner, or soup and protein, just balance everything.
snack: 1 oz of protein, muffin (blueberry applesauce, or zuccini pinapple, or banana peach made with oatmeal flour.
Supper: Chicken, turkey, fish, and once a week beef or bay scallops, baked potato with butter buds, or oven fries (spiced) or rice cooked in spices and butter buds and small amount of veg. Dessert is usually sugar free jello with fruit or fruit (cooked or raw)
Evening snack: 1 oz. protein, brownie (with lots of cocoa and oatmeal flour) and half of banana.
Never hungry and have lost 45 lbs in 3 1/2 months.
Dropped so much weight have to take a break this week and eat zuccini cookies with fat as my body needs it. Was getting drawn look, and it immediately appeared to go after eating cookies. Works for me, besides was dying for them and I have been good for all this time.
Back on diet next week.

You CAN’T live on bacon 7 days a week for breakfast along with other foods for that meal as well…IF you really want to lose weight, follow the eating pattern of a diabetic…that’s the best, safest and healthiest way to lose weight and stay fit.
Our son’s father-in-law was on Atkins for a year and he’s lost his gall bladder, has kidney problems and may lose one as well as digestive problems as well…and his colon is in question as well…who needs all these problems.
The right way to eat is the diabetic way…watch your carbs, fat and sugars, exercise and your Dr. can tell you how many carbs a day your intake should be.
I’ve become Type 2 diabetic, no meds, and have lost 50 pounds and feel great…I eat the right way and exercise every day and my Dr. says I’m a poster person for Diabetees…it really is similar to the Weight Watchers way…