Do you approve cervical cancer vaccine?

I’ve heard other people’s opinions about whether or not they believe the cervical cancer vaccine should be mandatory. What do you thing about it?

Personally, I think that it shouldn’t.

When my daughter was 6, Health Canada issued another needle for measles, mumps, rubella. I was told she’d be expelled from school if she didn’t get the needle. When I called the Health Unit and asked why? She had one when she was 1 (which by the way, made her sick… and she continued to get sick every 2 months after that for about a year). Health Unit said that they now found that 1 needle wasn’t enough… because there was measles reported in British Columbia. She thus sent me a form to fill out and had to get it notorized in order for my daughter not to get the needle and stay in school. If there were students who have measles in her school, she’d have to stay home until it cleared up. I said, no problem.

I know too many people who have been physically affected by vaccines. So I am leary. I also read reports about people getting certain chronic diseases later in life because of the Hep B vaccine they received when they were young… like rheumatoid arthritis, MS, and another one which I cannot remember right now. I have rheumatoid arthritis and it’s not in either side of my family for several generations. Same with a friend’s husband who has MS and it’s not in his family either. So it really makes you wonder when you read stuff like that. Look at all the children with autism today. There has to be a reason for this! Like they say, there’s no proof that vaccines are responsible for autism/chronic illnesses; but there’s no proof that it doesn’t. Several years ago I was talking with a research scientist who was involved with a research team for osteoarthritis. He said to me that I wouldn’t believe what they put in medicines nowadays and what it can do to a person. He was a strong believer of naturopathy. His father has rheumatoid and he was paying for his father’s naturopathic treatment/foods, etc. I know from personal experience that it can be expensive. I also know from personal experience how certain treatments/medecine can create more health problems, even fatal ones, that the doctors don’t tell you about. I’m still paying for it now!

As for the HPV (virus that causes cervical cancer), it can also clear on its own. I had precancerous cells in 1990 and had them removed. Been fine since. HOWEVER, my operation was done with a KNIFE, not by LASER. My doctor in Ottawa did not believe in the laser as did many other doctors. He said the laser “chars” the ends of the cut so it is very hard to tell if you got all the cancer cells. With a knife cut, it’s a clean cut and you could see if the cells stop before the end of the cut or if the cells are right to the end of the cut, then we know there are more cancer cells in your glands.

I know many (and I mean many) women who have had the laser method, only to have the cancer cells come back. They eventually needed to get a hysterectomy. I’ve never had one and I will be 45. I go for my yearly pap test.

My concern is also like many other people’s… it’s NEW. It shouldn’t be mandatory. Nobody has the right to force a person to inject something in their body if they don’t want to. I think they should find a way to test for ovarian cancer as there is no such test available.

Pharmaceutical companies are very powerful. There have been tv episodes on 20/20, Primetime, etc., about how a woman research scientist did not approve of a certain drug. That it was too dangerous. She was told to keep her mouth shut or loose her job. Some scientist, who are like her, were even scared for their lives. Some have disappeared. Many scientist said they just do their job and keep their mouths shut. The research reports are not always acurate. It’s what the company wants people to know. It’s like someone once said, you take medicine to make you better. At times, it will create new medical conditions that require more medicine, and so on, and so on. Who makes the money? Something to think about. Don’t get me wrong, some medicines do help and save lives… there’s no doubt about that! It’s just that it should be a person’s choice - because they are not all good for you.

I do not agree with this vaccine. There has not been enoiugh stydy done to know what the actual long term effects can be on any female that takes this shot.
Back in the mid 60’s I was given Thalidomide for morning sickness during my first pregnancy. It was 30 years later that I found out this was what I was given. It now explains some of the health problems my oldest daughter has. You can look this product up on the internet and see just what can happen taking this drug.
This new vaccine again is too nre to know what side affects young girls can have during theirchild bearing years.
here in the great state of Texas where I live our joke of a Gov. decided all girls of the age of 12 should have this vaccine to prevent cancer. What he failed to disclose was the nice fat funds he was given by the vaccine maker to enact this law. There is currently action going on in Austin to over ride this bill Mr. Perry took upon himself to enact. How many other were bribed by the maufacturer.
Our childrens health and future is too important to allow the gov. have the power to tell us what we need to do about health issues with our children.
I don’t want to read 10 years from now about the babies born with birth defects from this vaccine.