do you really think I feel like cooking today?

Geez -

It’s the day before the “turkey coma” and with all the rushing and everything that needs to be done - I don’t feel like cooking today.

I’m trying to keep ahead of the game - the bird is washed and ready for the oven - so Tom is in the fridge till tomorrow.

My stuffing ingredients are all ready to go - bread is cubes, veggies are all chopped - a great time saver.

Pumpkin pie is now in the oven. Cheesecake goes next.

Everything that I can possibly do for tomorrow - I am getting done today.

And with all that - I don’t feel like cooking today - so it’s going to be polish sausage, tater wedges and a large salad. Since the oven will be going for a while today with baking, I’m just going to place the sausage on a baking pan and add some potatoe wedges and bake on the top shelf. One pan - less dishes to wash.

Wish I would have made the cheesecake yesterday - I can’t wait to dig into it!!