Does the Government use the Terror Alert for Political Gain?

I think bush is not using the Alerts to gain votes

I do not believe the Bush Administration would use a terror alert for politcal means. I’m sure staff in the White House pointed out the negative consequences of calling the Alert, saying they would be accused of doing so for political reasons. It took courage and leadership to call the Alert!

This message is from someone who voted for Al Gore and am glad he was not president when 9/11 occurred. I can’t imagine him giving a speech to solidify and rally our people after that tradegy. Most likely, his audience would have been numb or fallen asleep by the time his speech ended.

Lastly, people are congratulated for overcoming disabiliities. Not so with the junior Bush. The man has dyslexia and reads in short spurts. That he speaks in the same style seems linked to his reading affliction and should not be construed as a measure of his intelligence.

I shudder when I think about Kerry/Edwards getting into the White House. Bush is doing the best job he can and I will vote for him in November. Kerry has a plan for our servicemen in Iraq that will only be implemented when he becomes president, how many will have been injured or killed by then? He is only power hungry. He doesn’t care about our great nation and what it stands for!

Just simply look at the Presidents record. He has in the past done what he thought was right, with certain information that we are not privy to. I can’t fathom that he would think of himself above the security of this nation. His RECORD speaks for itself. Ask yourself, “Has the U.S. had attacks on it since 9/11”?


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I think President Bush is doing a great job. I trust he is doing whatever he can to keep us safe. Kerry is an idiot. I wouldn’t trust him with our security. He fought in the war and then fought against the war. What a traitor. Our guys in Iraq need support from our country and John Kerry is definitely not someone I could look up to as President. He is a whiner.


How can we possibly know? We were told there were weapons of mass destruction in Iraq. Foreign intelligence agencies told us Iraq was buying weapon grade plutonium. We were told Al Queida had connections in Iraq. We knew Saddam was a sociopathic demon. We invaded Iraq. Over 900 Americans have died. Over 11,000 have been injured or maimed for life in Iraq. (No, not Pentegon release casualties of war but total casualties in Iraq. PBS July '04) We’ve recently been told that Iran has stronger connections to Al Queida than Iraq. Ben Laden is a member of the Saudi Royal family but we maintain our strong diplomaic ties with Saudi Arabia. The information spurring the heighten terror alerts is over four years old (New York Times, August 2nd) but it has been speculated that 9/11 was planned over several years (New York Times, Aug 4th) And a John Kerry political ralley drew over ten thousand people while a GW Bush ralley in the same part of the country drew five thousand.
Is all of this a political game?? Does it have anything to do with us? With our values? With our well being? Or is it all just a collasal means to an end with the Oval office the grand prize?
How can we possibley ever really know??

We’re just Mr. and Mrs. Middle America or we wouldn’t be on this site in the first place. We don’t play in that league, we’re spectators. Maybe all of this stuff, Kerry-Bush, Maybe it’s all one huge manipulation. We will never know the truth behind it. But terrorism is never okay. Killing is never okay. Hate is never okay. And war is never okay. Each of us, reguardless of our beliefs, reguardless of our spiritual leanings, knows this. In the quietest momments when all the trash talk in the world subsides and we become still enough to hear the whispers from our soul, we know that what is happening in our world today is not okay. The real question should be what are we going to do to change it? It begins with one person. It is up to us to decide if we are the one.

I just wonder how many people really know what a Great President that we have in that office right now??? I stand with his leadership as should the rest of the U.S.A. so that the rest of the world will see how we stand and those that are Bad mouthing our leader should be ashamed and should just move to CHINA and live. We don’t need their kind here in this great nation that GOD has Blessed us with and I am proud to be an AMERICAN, born and raised.
Our President is a GOD fearing MAN and that is what this country needs now and for the next four years and with “W” that is what we would have and he should have that time to finish his agenda that was started with 9/11.
Thank You

I am an American who does not live in America. I am shocked and saddened by so many Bush supporters. He is a terrorist in his own right. I feel he DEFINATELY stages all these goodies to keep Americans in terror and therefore obedient to him. Bush uses this for his own gain. I am not at all sure Kerry is any better but I hope he isn’t that bad. We are in big trouble if Bush and all his evil ‘helpers’ are going to run the country another term. The foreign terrorist must be really enjoying how terrified people are without them bothering to do anything. Just listening to a idiot puppet whose only interest is more money and power.

I don’t believe that Bush is using terror alerts to help his campaign. I believe Kerry is just using that for his own so called gain. I don’t think that people realize that we are into a new era. Our world will never be the same again. 911 just woke up some people but terrorism has been going on for a long time, just ask the families of soldiers lost throught the years.
We need to have a President in there that will take a stand, and Kerry is not the one. Who cares if he served in Vietnam. So did many others and just as many others did not. That is not the issue. The issue is that our way of life has changed. And if all the nations do not come together then these Islamic terroists will win. It is after all their goal. They don’t care who they trample, they don’t care about their so called Muslim religion, they will slaughter their own people to get what they want. And I think that if people say we were wrong to go to Iraq then so be it. But we needed to start somewhere.
So what if some prisoners were humiliated, get answers, at least we didn’t behead them or dragged their burnt remains thru the streets and then hung them. The prisoners they take are peace keeping, they are there to help make a better life, they were not soldiers of war. So we need to feel sorry for people like that, these islamis terrorists, hell no.
We need our president in the office now, someone who will stand up for our country and for us, not some namby-pamby like Kerry. Now that is someone who scares me

I believe that President Bush does what he thinks is right to protect our liberty and freedom. I do not believe that he would use the alerts for his own gain. He is a strong leader that does what he says he will do and does not back down. He will not waffle on issues as Kerry does to suit whatever group he is speaking to at the time. He says what he thinks and does what he thinks is best and if some dont like it, well you can not please everyone. If it came down to it I know who I would want watching our for my well being and freedom and it is NOT Kerry If we remember that as well as being our President he is human and as such is not immune to mistakes as we all are, ours , if we are lucky are just not as public. I believe he is doing his best.

President Bush has a hard job and I believe he thinks before making an important decision. He is a good president and deserves our support. I think that the people who say he is putting the nation on alert are our biggest problem in the country. Lets stand together on this.

I thank God each day that we have a President who isn’t afraid to stand up for what he believes is right and pray each day. This is what our country was and still is based on. Kerry throwing away his medals (for scrapes) is like burning the flag as far as I am concerned. Also his protesting the Vietnam war infuriates me as I lived through that and lost friends to that battle. I don’t for one minute think that Bush did any of this for political gain but to do his best to protect our freedom which we so strongly believe in and want to keep.

I am glad to hear that Kerry being president scares others besides myself. The terrorists are anxious to have him as President. To the American who doesn’t live in America - why not?

Unfortunately, at the tender age of 57 I don’t “totally” believe anything that I read, hear or see on the news. I’m somewhere in between believing and not believing. The truth is probably somewhere in the middle. Does Bush fabricate terror alerts for his gain probably not, does he manipulate the timing of relase or the degree of urgency probably. I wish I could feel like I’m totally wrong but I just can’t!

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Hi - i am a muslim convert - totally american - I became a muslim after 911 and before then i thought the war was wrong. I believe that he made the wrong decision to go to war but I do commend him for the capture of Sadam Hussain - I believe that this is a muslim issue and the muslims should have taken care of this themselves. I believe anything that any elected official does is for “his gain.” I do think that the terrorist alerts are warranted - however, I think that the govt depicts all of us muslims as terrorists. This is sad, very sad, i am an american woman who happens to be muslim and has to deal with what this govt might do to her.