Does the Government use the Terror Alert for Political Gain?

everything Bush has done has been for political or personal benefit…He hasn’t helped any Americans…the economy is worse than ever…We are only in Iraq to fight for HIS oil

the so called new information was known to the administration a long time ago but released now to impact the dem convention news–even the administration admits they had this information .—when you cannot run you punt and bush’s boys are running out of reasons for him to run—do any of you remember “the boy who cried wolf” story-?- hms

I do not think so. I feel that our President has integrity and is doing everything he can to make our country safe. While I am sure he has made some mistakes, I do trust him, unlike his predecessor. This is one of the most difficult times a president has ever had to serve, and I believe we should be as supportive as possible, while not blindly accepting everything we are told. Media coverage, speculation and editorials presented as fact have made this job even more difficult.

President Bush is the most honest and courageous president our country has had in over 100 years. He has taken so much criticism for having the courage to do more than sit in the White House and embarrass our country with lacivious acts. Those that are criticizing Bush for warning the country are using those criticism for political gain.

Those that believe that Kerry will be a better president have been deluded by the liberal media and aren’t thinking through the issues. Kerry is a coward that will never have the courage to stand up for our country. He received minor wounds in Viet Nam and used them to desert the other troups that fought for our country. Then he insulted and denegrated those that stayed and fought even though it destroyed their lives.

Kerry can only criticize Bush (anyone can criticize; it doesn’t require any intelligence or courage) and never, never says exactly how he will be better; only how Bush will be worse. He is a loser that has done nothing exemplary with his life.

everything Bush has done has been for political or personal benefit…He hasn’t helped any Americans…the economy is worse than ever…We are only in Iraq to fight for HIS oil

yes it is a deversion from kerry. kerry was getting too much tv time so now bush uses innocent americans again for his own gain. i do not trust him or cheney.

There is nothing, and I mean nothing, that I would not put past this president. I believe he uses everything at his disposal for political gain giving little regard to the nation, our safety or future. I not only do not feel safer with him as president but feel he has endangered out nation for generations to come, the damage he has done will not be easily undone by anyone. I view him as one of the two most dangerous men in the world today, Osama bin Laden being the other.

I have voted since my first vote in 1964 and although my candidate was not always elected I was never ashamed of my vote. In 2000 I voted for Bush and it is the first time in my life that I regretted a vote. I will not make that mistake again.


I find your rudeness typical, your name calling abhorant. The question is not about Kerry but about Bush.

Bush and his hoods will do absolutely anything and everything (everyone) to gain their goals of total evangelical domination . I would rather see him take up drinking again than be a dry drunk~! I’m 81, a registered Republican (but never again) and I have been faithfully printing all accounts o
f what they are doing- his history, etc,.

Dozens of full notebooks - complete chronological account.

:shock: Most definitely. Pres. Bush IS most definitely using the 911 Terrorist Attacks on The World Trade Centre in NYC as an Election ploy, but John Q. Public isn’t that aware of it. The ONE thing I still fail to begin to comprehend is that within twenty-four hours after the towers fell to Ground Zero, killing hundreds of innocent American citizens (God only knows how many unborn ones!) how in the name of Heaven above (or Hell below) were so many individuals known to have direct tie-in’s with known terrorist Organization(s) in the Middle East left the United States (most of them right through the New York City Airport) without incident, without being questioned. I did see on the telly where one was checked with a hand-held metal detector, but to best of my knowledge all others left totally without incident. It was a Documentary I saw on the Discovery Channel. It raised far too many serious questions in my head. The same type of serious questions like in just exactly how he achieved his wealth. I personally feel that is all the votes had managed to be counted (it singes me to even think of that simply because the local precinct in which I live was one of the early close-ups, the machines were closed-out, packed-up, but the votes on them were never tallied-up and reported. Then he goes running scared (with tailbetween his legs, no doubt) to The Supreme Court and somehow persuades them that every vote in by a certain time would count and that was that, and he was elected PRESIDENT. Bah, Hum Bug!!! Best regards to ALL.

Peace (but I’m still grumpy, old)
"knightmare_Man :frowning:

No, President Bush is not using the Terror alerts for his own gain. I cannot believe that people actually think that. The Threat on America is very real so we all need to wake up and support the President and all the people working for him. It is scary to me if Kerry wins the election because he has no values and no ability to make a decision and then stick to it. You think America is in trouble now just wait.

I think Bush would use the second coming if he thought it would help him get reelected.

That you ask this is a travesty~ Don’t you think that there are members of the thinking public in the United States?

I think our Present has done a very good job considering what he went into. He seems to be a good man and christan.

President Bush is just a good old boy…he may not have the best speaking ability but could you imagin if Al Gore was elected president and then 9/11 happened where we would be today…god only knows. President Bush is doing the best he can with the information that is supplied to him and he certainly does not make these decission himself. Let Bush finish the job he is doing instead of getting Kerry who will pull the troops out of Iraq and then the world will know we have a wimp for a president.

I do NOT believe that President Bush uses the Terror alerts to benefit his cause. The ones who think such a thing must be mentally ill. All Americans should support the President, our Military and our country. I hope that John Kerry and John Edwards would not consider using anything like that to benefit their race for office! If so, they should NOT be elected.

No, I do not think Bush is using terrorism to further his career. Bush has INTEGRITY. And man who would choose to spend Thanksgiving in Iraq with our troops instead of at home out of harms way has my vote!

Yes, I believe that is quite possible. There are a number of things I believe Bush has not been honest about and I feel this may very well be another one of those things. I have to commend him for his actions on 9/11 and shortly thereafter. However, I do not feel he has been at all honest with us regarding Iraq, what he know, when he knew and why he went ahead with his invasion of Iraq.

Bush all the way! Who would want Mrs. Kerry as the first lady? do some research on her background.

I assume you are against the NRA! I hope no one breaks into your home with intent to rape your wife or daughter, or worse, :cry: to murder you and your family, then you would wish for a gun!!!