dolmio sauce

hi everyone,
i love spagetti bolignese and have been trying to recreate dolmio sauce
to make it with … does anyone have a recipe that tastes like dolmio
if so could you help me please

thank you.

Not exactly, I think you would have to use a high concentrate of tomatoes in passata or puree-ed form. Dolmio is very thick, so much thicker than my home made attempts. It is really nice though. Maybe you could just copy the ingredients list from the back of the jar and experiment.

Thank you abi,
sounds like a good idea to try the ingredient list
i will do some tests and see what i can come up with
i have a feeling that the tomatoes i use are not of the same quality as those used in dolmio … but i will try some puree and tinker about with the other ingredients … if i have any luck i will post the recipe and see what feedback i get …