Don't Go It Alone ( Diabetes )

Don’t Go It Alone ( Diabetes )

Companionship and personal relationships are important throughout life and, over the years, may become necessary to manage your health. It may even mean the difference between living independently and having to move from your home.

Companionship can include a spouse, family member, hired caregiver, a neighbor, or a hospice volunteer. And while it may not be able to help you take your medication, a pet can make a wonderful companion.

Beyond the comforts of good conversation, a companion can serve many functions in your life. It is no accident that you are encouraged to bring a companion to most diabetes education programs. If your companion is educated about diabetes, he or she can help prepare meals, monitor glucose, give medication, and participate in all your daily activities. Remember, the way to have a friend is to be a friend. Encourage and keep good friends. Your diabetes will be easier to manage and you’ll live a fuller, richer life.

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