Drink Ingredients ???

Hi -
A year ago, I was in New Orleans and my son told me to be sure to try a drink called a HAND GRENADE. Found it at a Tropical (??) bar on Bourbon Street, but of course they wouldn’t disclose the ingredients. Looked somewhat like green Kool Aid, didn’t at first seem too potent, but whatever was in it, sneaks up on a person. Would like to try to fix this for a 4th of July party (greatly diluted) but have no idea of what was in it.

Anyone familiar or have any suggestions?
Thanks greatly.


Here you go, straight from Bourbon Street

New Orleans Hand Grenade Recipe

1 Part Vodka
1 Part Rum
1 Part Grain Alcohol
1 Part Melon liqueur
1 Part Gin
Mixing Instruction
Mix all ingredients together and add water and ice as necessary for desired taste. Sugar can also be added for taste. Don’t drink too many!!

Ho boy - sure couldn’t have guessed at this - no wonder I thought it didn’t seem too potent AT FIRST. Think I may have to add LOTS of ice if I’m going to serve this at a party. Maybe drink limit 1?

Thanks very much for info.