Easy childrens breakfast

I swear when I watch my sister’s kids,they get finicky on purpose. Apparently Aunts are suppose to take them out and treat them. So I beat them at their own game. I made them make there own breakfast!!! This is so easy it is scary.

Per child:

One ziploc bag
2 eggs
omelet ingredients precut. (cheese, peppers, mushroom,bacon bits and/or, whatever is in the refrigerator, sister likes since it get rid of a lot of small portion leftovers).

Bacon or sausage

Each child chooses what they want bacon or sausage, (cook or microwave). If stove cook, you still do the work, microwave kids can do!.

Put ingredients out on table,
put eggs in bowl
each child gets a ziploc bag and two eggs. cracks eggs into bag, let kids put ingredients of their choice in bag shake up well.

Adult puts the bag in boiling water for a approx 13 min. Eggs will roll out of bag easily.

If timed correctly the bacon/sausage and omelet should be done approx same time.

Fresh fruit is also a nice addition. T

This is still cheaper that hauling four kid off to the local diner and kids will eat because, they cooked the breakfast and are too stubborn to say they don’t like it.

PS My sister tried this and it did not work very well, her, kids told her only their aunt can do it right lol :rolleyes:

I hate to inform you that using plastic (Ziploc) bags in boiling water or in the microwave is very unsafe since they are not designed for that kind of heat.

Ziploc Omelets Are Not Recommended