Easy Decorating Bags : Cake Writing And Carob Ink

Easy Decorating Bags : Cake Writing And Carob Ink
Yield: 1 Serving


  1 c  carob chips
  2 tb evaporated skim milk; or
       -more as needed
  1    or fruit jelly
  1    or fruit juice


Resealable plastic sandwich bags or quart-sized heavy plastic bags can be
used to write a birthday message on a cake. Fill the bag with thinned
bottled lowfat chocolate fudge sauce or a scratch sauce.

To prepare bottled lowfat chocolate fudge sauce, warm in the microwave or over steamer. Thin with cranberry juice or apple cider until smooth and
thin: it will thicken when cool. Let cool. Transfer to a squeeze bottle or
a bag.

To use a plastic bag, fill it half full of chocolate fudge sauce or
frosting and seal. Snip off the very tip of one corner to create a writing
tip that will produce a simple line. Start with a small hole and enlarge
if necessary. Inexpensive plastic decorating tips are available in
supermarkets where cake decorations are sold and they can be fitted into
the corner of a plastic bag.

To center an inscription on a cake (“Happy Birthday” or “Welcome Home”),
first write the message on paper and measure its length in inches.
(Counting letters won’t work because some take more space than others.)
Divide the length in half to determine the center of the inscription and
mark it on the paper; then mark the center of the cake top. Align the
center of the inscription with the center of the cake, and mark or trace
the position of the letters on the cake before piping on the icing.