Easy, Excellent BBQ Spareribs (crockpot)

Easy, Excellent BBQ Spareribs (crockpot)

4 servings

Pork spareribs
Cavender’s Greek Seasoning
Favorite BBQ sauce

These BBQ spareribs are excellent and very easy to make. These
directions look lengthy, but there are only 3 steps and each step
takes just a few minutes and may be done over the course of two days (
in fact, they must be started one day before serving).

Preheat broiler (or a hot oven). Rinse off racks of ribs and dry well.
Sprinkle liberally with Cavender’s Greek Seasoning. If you have time,
let them sit for about an hour. Place in broiler to brown slightly.
This also allow the excess fat to cook off. Turn and brown other

Place racks of ribs in a crockpot. Place them standing up. You can
lean the racks against each other to hold them up or use skewers.
Only the very end of each rack should be resting on the bottom of the
crockpot. They should not be touching the sides of the crockpot, if
possible. Cook in crockpot on low for about 8 hours. The meat should
be very tender, almost falling off the bone. Very carefully remove
the racks of ribs and place on a large flat platter. Cover and
refrigerate until completely cold (overnight is fine). They will
firm up during this chilling process.

When ready to serve, baste ribs with barbeque sauce and heat over a
hot grill or in the oven, turning and basting with barbeque sauce.
Cut into serving pieces and serve immediately.

B-man :wink: