E'Claire Dessert

E’clair Dessert

This is a very simple recipe that is easy to make…kid friendly…and will leave all those who try it asking for more!!


1 box of graham crackers
2 small boxes of vanilla instant pudding
3 cups of milk
12 oz. tub of cool whip
1 can of chocolate frosting
Mix pudding and milk and let set for about 5 minutes Add cool whip In 9x13 pan put a single layer of graham crackers Spread 1/2 of pudding mixture on top or this layer of crackers Put another layer of graham crackers Put other 1/2 pudding mixture on top of this second layer of crackers Put final layer of graham crackers on top Microwave frosting for about 1 minute Pour frosting over top of crackers and spread evenly Refridgerate for at least 3 hours but it is best chilled overnight. ENJOY

I have made this and also had excellent results by using sugarfree pudding, low fat or low cal cool whip and graham crackers and skim milk…same great taste but less the fat and calories

Hi Ohiojude,
This looks like a great recipe!!
I am in New Zealand, and we do not have graham crackers over here. Can you please tell me what I can replace these with to get the same or similar result!


I am really sorry, didn’t see your request. I will try and pm you too. I can’t find a sub for gram crackers. Do you have animal crackers? The non frosted kind may work.

What do you use for Cheesecake crust, if you use something other than regular pie crust, try that. Pls let me know how it goes.