Electric oven - pizza bottom won't brown

I have a really nice GE Monogram electric oven that is fairly new. Everytime I make pizza, the bottom will not brown. I know the bottom heat in the oven is working, because the floor of the oven is hot. I called the manufacturer and they told me I have to use a dark pan. But it doesn’t matter if I use a dark pan or a light pan, the bottom of my pizza crust will not brown. And, to make matters worse, the dough itself does not completely bake thru although the top is nice and brown. I baked the pizza at 425 degrees F. on the lowest rack. Should the oven be even hotter? Please, any suggestions? The weather is cooler and I have the itch to bake, but every time I do this, I get disappointed and discouraged and don’t want to bake for a long time.

I have an electric oven as well. I had a piece of granite cut to fit the oven and cook my pizzas on it. I set my oven to the highest temperature and let it preheat for about an hour. To save the messy cornmeal, I use a thin pizza pan which I lightly coat with olive oil before I build my pizza. The pizza browns nicely.

I’ve always had great success with a pizza stone to cook on, it cooks beeter then a pizza pan.

I agree, but I don’t like the cornmeal mess when I use the pizza stone.

I have an electric stove and a gas stove, When I make pizza, I put the rack just a little below the middle of the oven, I have quarry tiles on the entire rack. I set whichever oven I’m using to 500. Make the pizza on a peel with flour and corn meal on it so it slides off. My pizza comes out crispy, I don’t use pans unless I make a sicilian pizza. and no where in my oven do I put foil . when I’m done and the oven cools, I use a vacumn to get any corn meal that might fall on the oven floor. After I’m done, I put the tiles in soapy water and wash them. No problems .