Elite Epicurean Potato

36 ounce bag Butter Buds Potato Mix
1 pound butter
6 cups milk
2 eggs
2 1/2 cups cornmeal
1/2 cup flour
1 pound American Cheese or Wisconsin Sharpe, chopped into small squares
1 pound sliced ham, dry off any excess moisture, chop into small squares

Putting the mixture together that is important to make that perfect Epicurean potato.
And cooling the potatoes down was the key to keeping the breading on and the insides from oozing out during cooking.
Mix the potato mixture, but use only half the amount of water.
Boil 2 cups milk and butter together, pouring off the excess water.
You only want the solids to add to the potato mixture.
As soon as the potato mix is cool enough to work with, pat out enough in your hand that you can make a little bowl shape in your palm, and tuck the ham and cheese into that bowl then close it.
Do not pack too tightly or the fillings will ooze out during cooking.
You do not want to see any ham or cheese sticking out or have the potato spread so thin that it visible threw the mix.
Having sifted the plain flour and course corn meal together set aside.
Make egg wash with the eggs and 4 cups milk.
Dip the potato into the dry mix first, and then egg wash.
Then repeat a few times, until a nice layer of dry mixture covers the potato.
The last dip should be of the dry mix.
Store on a tray, close but not touching each other and refrigerate until completely cool, usually overnight.
Heat the oil to 325 degrees in a deep fryer. Cook only 2 or 3 at the time.
Cook until golden, but not so long that the inside bubbles out.

If you want to freeze some fry them before putting in the freezer. I could not find the Butter Buds potato mix so we substituted a
20 ounce box of Idahoan instant potatoes. So we had to cut all the other ingredients in half except for the milk for 4 cups.