Emerils Delomico Butter Milk Onion Rings

Emerils Delomico Butter Milk Onion Rings

1 cup of Buttermilk
1/4 cup hot sauce ( I used the full amount"Franks
2 large yellow onions, sliced 1/2" thick ( 11/2 of a spanish onion)
2 cups of all purpose flour
salt and pepper and some old Bay
Whisk the buttermilk
hot sauce and 2 Tsp of Essence
add the sliced onion rings.

Cover and Chill for 1 hour

(This amount of solution did not fully cover all of the onion rings and I
just used a 1/2 so you may want to double up on the amounts)

Heat the oil to 360.

Add 2 tsp of essence to the flour and dredge the rings in the flour to coat.
Deep fry and blot on paper towls