Eromate BBQ Chicken

Eromate BBQ Chicken

On Saturday Afternoon while being at a family gathering , the guy who hosted the gathering made this chicken . I found it to be a winner recipe I tried it out my self yesterday after noon while having the in laws around , they where licking there fingers of after finishing this meal . You can use a whole chicken or chicken pieces . We used a Webber BBQ !

Spice the chicken all over with Eromate , put the chicken over the hot coals and close the lid ( just open the air vents on the lid so that the smoke can come out and the fire can breath . Turn the chicken over every 10 minutes and cover with the lid again . When you turn the chicken spice it ones again and BBQ the chicken until ready .

We just had this meal with some Potato salad , and a green salad and some bread roles .

Honda cr80

What is Eromate - Living in Northern Minnesota - we sometimes do not have some of the ingredients - but never heard of this one

Sorry I have written it wrong it is supose to be Aromat
It is made by the company Knorr we have 2 different onces we use the one is orginal and other is with chilly .

Imported direct from Austria! Gourmets use Aromat to spice up lots of different foods: salads, vegetables, eggs, meat, fish, soups, gravy, sandwiches, rice and more.

Ingredients:salt, natrium glutamate, lactose, wheat starch, yeast extract, hydrogenated vegetable fat, vegetables, calcium silicat, spices.

Rolls-Royce 20 Hp (1905)