Everybody Hates Ron

I’m feeling down today after some of the emails I’ve been getting.

People are beating me up about last week’s newsletter which had a story about my weekend and a special discounted offer for lingerie.

Apparently people could care less about what I have to say and are highly offended that I mentioned lingerie.

Here are some of the replies from people:

[i]“I’m very disatisfied with your newsletter…Lingerie? - Why don’t you just stick to recipes or I’ll unsubscribe”

“This is not what I signed up for. Where are the Olive Garden Recipes you promised me?”

“I don’t care about your night out - It’s been 5 days and I haven’t received my cookbook! What type of scam is this?”

“I thought you were going to give me free recipes - UNSUBSCRIBE!!!”

"This is SPAM and I’m going to report you!!!

“I tried to log in to the Forum but it didn’t recognize my email address. How can this be - I receive your emails just fine? This is too much trouble. Thanks for wasting my damn time!!!”

“You’re email was very offensive and inappropriate. Not what I wanted to receive in a cooking newsletter.”[/i]

I guess I’m just a jerk. That’s what I get for offering a newsletter and forum to people for free.

Would anyone else like to bash me? The floor is open…

Yes Ron - Now It is MY turn to bash you…a good one for letting those emails get to you!!! You know that you cannot please everyone; and as a free society we are entitled to the freedom of speech.

Remember - these same people - if they are that interested in recipes - most likely would read recipes in a magazine (for instance) and you know what kind of crappy advertising there is in magazines! Also - even the cook shows on PBS (public broadcasting), local channels and TV network have advertising.

To mention something other than just recipes in your emails does not bother me at all! It does not take away from the quality of the recipe. Nor does it take away from the quality of your newsletter. Every recipe site on the web has some sort of advertising - and I am quite sure there would be something “offensive” on each of these sites to someone here at RSN!

Taking the time to share your personal experiences or stories only proves that you are willing to share with others – like the thousands of recipes you share with everyone to see, read and copy for their own use without asking for anything from anyone. Many of us at RSN have shared little “ditties” - making your site a friendly site.

You are one of the very few site administrators that takes the time during the day - EVERY DAY - to monitor your site, answer any questions/requests and stand by for those that want something.

Your members and even guests - ask for FREE

(got cut off there - )

Your members and even your guests – ask for FREE RECIPES, IDEAS, HINTS - and they get them - no questions asked. All you have ever requested from anyone is for them to please post a recipe or answer another’s post before asking for something. Many have gotten what they wanted without posting or even saying “THANK YOU”.

As far as anyone who wants to UNSUBSCRIBE because they wanted FREE recipes - good bye! The recipes are here on site because of Ron’s generosity and the goodness in his heart. The way some have “expected” to be spoon-fed recipes and are too lazy to look for themselves - is uncalled for. What do you expect from this site??? Would you want us to prepare the dish for you and deliver it??? You will not find another site like this.

Maybe it is time for Ron to put a stop to all the freeloading! How many of you would stand by Ron and still support his site? I know I would. This is a great site and still growing - because it has an owner/administrator (RON) who has allowed all of us access to it.

If anyone is too ($#@^) lazy to look for their own recipe requests or take the time to join the site and become an active member then let them move on. We don’t need unwanted baggage here. Try to find what you can get here at RSN from another site.

Kitchen Witch

I really do enjoy this website. I just don’t get to visit it like I use to. I didn’t get offended or upset about the lingerie. Please continue doing what you do and those who don’t appericate what you do can unsubcribe.

Like I told a lady on one of my horse forums , if you don’t like the way this one is run start your own! Then you can say , delete or monitor anything you don’t like, oh yea, by the way you also get to cover the expense and put up with everyones complaints. I appreciate the forum hope it continues!

You know you can please some of the people all of the time, all of the people some of the time but you can never, ever and I REPEAT never, ever please all the people all the time!!!

So stop beating yourself up about the few (?) disgruntled freeloading deadbeats who haven’t got a clue and wouldn’t care anyway about what it takes to maintain a “free” recipe website (it is only free to us folks, I’m sure Mr. Douglas has to pay for it one way or another, duh?).

Although I cannot speak for everyone on RSN, I like the little personal tidbits from you and some of the other RSN members. It makes the site friendlier and not so impersonal. I like knowing that if I have a question, there is a real live human reading it and not a “For information, press 1” computer generated program that may or may not get back to me.

You do what you do so well, why worry about the things (people) you can’t change?


Just ignore those jerks. People need to live and let live. Noone is forcing them to read your e-mails. There was nothing wrong with the e-mail you sent. Keep up the good work.

Thank you all for your encouragement.

Most people don’t realize that there’s a real person on the other end of these emails.

For some reason people are really rude, damanding, and abrasive with emails and say things that they would never say in person.

Sometimes I get the impression that people believe that just because they’ve subscribed for free that I owe them something.

I try to deliver an interesting newsletter but I reserve the right to write whatever I want.

We have over 120,000 subscribers. All of them have the option to ‘Opt Out’ of each email with a simple click of a link. However, there’s 120k who haven’t so I must be doing something right.

Thanks again for your kind words.

Warm Regards,


Hey Ron, We still love you. Those people were ones that don’t belong in a nice forum like yours. We don’t need them anyway, we have too many really nice people who appreciate you!
Dainty Dish

It sounds like these people really have a knot in their panties/shorts/drawers/whatever, pardon the pun.
From one that worked many years in with the public,
99% of the population are kind, compassionate, and
really nice people. It’s that 1% that are rude, crude,
and you couldn’t please them if you came to their house
and cooked them an 8 course meal. Most of the time
they don’t like themselves and most of the folks that
they come into contact with. Advertising is a bazillion
dollar a year business that is a part of the open commerce
life that makes our country great. You keep doing what you
do so well and know there are those of us out here that do
appreciate what you do.

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