everybody likes grilled cheese!

Everyone eats grilled cheese. And of course there are many variations. I like a basic grilled cheese with a scrambled egg in the middle; some like sliced tomatoes in the middle. You can try sliced ham or pepperoni - anything goes. I’ve even heard of peanut butter and banana in the middle! (no thank you - not for me!)

Here’s another favorite of mine:

Thick sliced Italian (I know, I know - me and my crusty Italian bread!!) bread or egg bread, with Dijon-style mustard on the bread, sliced turkey (or smoked turkey, or turkey pastrami, etc), grated Cheddar (or muenster, or jack, or pepper jack, etc.) and dill pickles sliced longways! Now stuff your bread with that!

Melt butter in a large skillet, press down on your sandwich and transfer to pan to “grill” - about 3 minutes per side. I use good ol’ George Forman for this - 3 minutes on a heated George and it’s done!

Enjoy with a side of coleslaw, baked potato chips and more dill pickles!

and before you ask - I DO eat other breads!

Whole wheat, grainy breads or rye breads make great grilled cheese as well.

Fill your sandwich with sliced tomatoes, sliced bell peppers, sliced onions between 2 slices of cheese and “grill” until heated through and the cheese is melted.

I also enjoy tuna stuffed between 2 slices of cheese on a good grainy bread with 2 thin slices of tomato placed on the cheese before the tuna - even a slice or two of onion and sliced sweet pickles.

and for something different - peel and slice an apple, sprinkle with sugar, cinnamon and nutmeg (if desired), place on bread of choice between sliced Cheddar cheese - grill.