Everyone Should Have A Plan -

Whether it is weather related, a terrorist attack or something catastrophic -

I have posted this so that you can copy/paste or even create-your-own if you have no desire to visit the link listed below.

It is something I hope we never need to use - but it is something I feel we should have.

If there’s a terrorist attack/evacuation/etc., everyone in the family should

try to call (telephone numbers) to get in touch with (person’s name) who is

our out-of-town contact in (city and state).

Then (adult in family) picks up (child’s name) at (a place).

(Another child’s name) walks to (name of relative) house and

________________ there. (Adult’s name in family) grabs emergency

kit. We all ______________ at home or __________________ and

listen to the ___________ news for official instrcutions.

Finally, we decide if we drive to (different location) or stay in

(room in your house.)

OR DOWNLOAD A FORM FROM THE LINK AT THE END OF THIS POST which of course is much better than mine!!!

Remember to make emergency kits for your family. Include change of clothes, medications, bottled water, canned goods, can openers, flash lights, batteries, candles, matches and a battery operated radio, first aid kit, diapers, baby food, etc. Keep a telephone book/ledger with all numbers of family members, friends, schools, doctors, hospitals, insurance companies, bank account numbers, credit card numbers, social security numbers, mortgage numbers, loans numbers, insurance policy numbers, utility account numbers, etc. Also list the names, date of birth, address, phone number of all member of your family living with you.

Take the first step. Talk to your family about what you would do in case of a terrorist attack or other emergency. There’s no reason not to. To find out other things you can do to be prepared:


If you’ve read this post this far - please visit the above link - it is very informative and it will make a difference.