"family" picnic - kids style

As you know - I am an “adopted” gram to two of the most beautiful little angels in the world - she is 7 and he is 5 - and I am the luckiest person in the world to have them.

Tomorrow we are having a picnic - and the littles have set the menu! Not bad for 7 and 5 years old:

Macaroni salad and potato salad; baked beans with “lotsa” bacon in it; green bean salad; loaded antipasto; hot dogs, hamburgers, breaded chicken pieces (I swear the little guy is either going to start laying eggs or growing feathers!) and sweet and sour sauce for dipping; chocolate chip muffins; brownie muffins; sweet midgies and dill spears; rootbeer, ginger ale and popsicles!!

MMM sounds like they did a great job on planning the menu! Did they help with the prep? Hope it was fun!!

Thank heaven they didn’t help with the prep!!! LOL!!!

We had a blast - the driveway is loaded with chalk, the bubbles are all over the neighborhood - and my car - when it rains I will have bubbles all over from the dried soap on it! LOL

Although they did not help with the prep - they did help with the eating!

And they can’t wait to do it again!

It sounds like a wonderful time I am also a grandmother raising my 2 grandchildren. Once a week they have to plan the muenu we shopping for everything they need of course my grandaughter is more interested in this . They are 15 and 13 and they also have to help cook. We all enjoy the experience together.

It is a wonderful experience and you are creating memories for them that they will most likely turn around and do with their grandchildren! This is one of the best ways to start family traditions!