FDA Issues Recall of Tropical Fruit Ackee Because of Possibl

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December 23, 2005

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FDA Issues Recall of Tropical Fruit Ackee Because of Possible Health Risks

FDA is announcing the recall of some shipments of ackee?a tropical fruit imported from Jamaica?because the fruit has levels of a naturally occurring toxin called hypoglycin that are of health concern. The recall involves 31 cases of Ashman’s Ackees in Brine, distributed by Harvest Foods, Hartford, CT. The products were sold in 19-oz. cans and were shipped in early November to one wholesaler in New York, and to retail stores and restaurants in New York, Massachusetts, and Connecticut. No illnesses have been reported to FDA concerning the Harvest Foods product.

The ingestion of under-ripe ackee has been linked to sudden vomiting. Infrequently, high levels of hypoglycin can lead to convulsions, coma, and death. Hypoglycins in the ackee are found in toxic levels when the fruit is picked too early and is under-ripe. Because of the potentially serious health issues associated with consuming high levels of hypoglycin, FDA is advising consumers not to eat Ashman’s Ackees in Brine. Consumers can return this product to the point of purchase. Consumers who have eaten this product should contact their doctors.