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Hello KitchenWitch,

How do I join your group. I am new to this site so I am not sure how to do things yet? It sounds like you like to do a lot of the same things that I like to do. I like to crochet and am trying to learn to knit. I really like doing crafts, puzzles and a lot of other things. My husband & I really both enjoy cooking so much and we love to try new recipes a lot.

Thank you, Annette

Annette Marie -

Welcome to RSN! You will love it here!

My group is on another of Ron’s recipe sites:

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Right now the contents of my group has gotten so big that I had to split it out into several different groups. Please stop by and join my KWC group. I will send you my book.

I love crocheting and knitting. Knitting is really easy (at least to me!) and I just love to keep busy. There are others here as well that knit and crochet. Nanny37 is so busy right now making sweaters with the designs on the front - I love that - it’s a lot of counting but the finished results are well worth it. I’m done with all what I call “pressure” crocheting and knitting - now I can step back and take my time - just putting the edges on a couple blankets and bedspreads and I have started my hats, scarves, mittens and gloves for next year’s coat give away for the needy. I donate blankets, baby blankets, baby clothes, hats, scarf and mitten sets and also separates, etc. Sometimes I will whip up some basic sweaters, etc. I try to keep busy with it all year.

Posting recipes here on RSN is simple - you replied to this thread - you shouldn’t have any problems with recipes.

If you need anything - just give a holler - we have a great family of cooks here that are always willing to help.

Once again - welcome aboard and I hope to see you at FoodPals!

(that’s a great site too - it has so much to offer!! more than just recipes!)

Kitchen Witch