Fis Camp Catfish

I first heard this recipe on the old Mike Douglas Program of the late 1960s. Mike had Edgar Buchanan ( Pettycoat Juction’s Uncle Joe) as a guest and he fixed this dish

3-4 lb Catfish fillets or chunks
2 cup flour
1 can Seven-Up
Salt and Pepper
1 large egg
oil for deep frying

Heat oil to 350* while making batter.

I bowl mix flour and salt and pepper and mix then add egg and Seven-Up and make a slightly thick batter. D

Dip catfish pieces into batter and coat throughly and drop in hot oil. fry until float and golden brown.

Serve with cocktail sauce of Horseradish, Ketsup Worchestershirte sauce and Lemon juice if avalable. make Cole slaw and hushpuppies for sides

My sister took me to a Fish Camp outside of Jacksonville. Had my first taste of grits. The original idea they told us was that whatever was caught or trapped or shot or otherwise killed and was brought to them they would cook it for you. Over a few visits I was taken to this fish camp to enjoy a meal on the St. John’s River. I remember Totie Fields as well.