flour problems

Hi, I hope someone can help me with my flour problems.

I have a lot of old recipes that have been handed down in my family. They all worked until I tried to make some of my older recipes, they don’t work with the flour that I can buy in the stores now. I tried to buy some flour that doesn’t have all the chemicals in it. Still did not help. I know that the flour has been changed. I have tried to make cakes, cookies, breads, quick breads and any other recipes that has flour in it… no luck. I tried less flour and more flour. Something is wrong or missing.

Can anyone tell me how to fix the flour or what flour I could buy that would work with the older recipes?

How are you sure it’s the flour? Most problems in baking are with mixing methods, not ingredients.

It’s funny to me that people think recipes “work” or “don’t work”. It’s the skill of the chef that makes recipes work the same way the piano player makes sheet music sound great.

Quick story: Grandma was getting older, so the kids asked her to write down the family lasagna recipe. They ran home, made the recipe as written, returned to Grandma and said “It didn’t taste like your lasagna”. “I never follow that recipe,” says Grandma.

Cooking is an art. Perhaps your artistic expression is just different than the “old family” way. That’s not a bad thing.

Years ago, after unsuccessfully making my mother’s potato salad and repeating the recipe to her and her telling me that’s what she does, she finally asked me what mayonnaise I used. I told her Miracle Whip. She said, "That’s not mayonnaise, you must use Hellmen’s (Best Foods west of the Rocky Mountains). It came out perfectly everytime after that.

To help, you might post one of the recipes that didn’t work for you, and tell us about your results so that we might collectively figure out what is not working and how it might be fixed or adjusted if possible.

Ha ha, that reminds me of a Hellmann’s mayonnaise story…I used to make quite often a simple baked chicken dish that called for only 5 ingredients:

1/2 cup mayonnaise
1/4 cup parmesan cheese, grated
4 chicken breast, boneless, skinless
4 teaspoons dry bread crumbs, Italian seasoned
fresh parsley

My elderly aunt and uncle loved this, so my aunt asked for the recipe, and I wrote it down.

A few days later she called to let me know she prepared my recipe for dinner, and it didn’t taste the same as when I cooked it. I asked her if she followed my recipe, and she told me:

“Well, I used Miracle Whip instead of Hellmann’s. We didn’t have parmesan cheese or fresh parsley, so I left those out. Chicken legs were on sale, so I substituted those for the chicken breasts. I had some stale crackers to use up, so I substituted those for the bread crumbs.” :slight_smile:

Hi, I’m new here. I noticed the flour problem topic and wondered if it was like my previous problems. I don’t know what kind of recipes you’re trying to make but a couple of years ago, I was trying to make some pies and my pie crusts kept coming out crumbly and wouldn’t hold together no matter what little changes I made. I had made plenty of crusts in the past and didn’t have this problem. One day I ran across another blog where someone was having the same kind of problems and found out it was the flour I was using. I had gone from using regular all-purpose flour to using unbleached flour. I ran to the store and bought all-purpose and my next pie crust was perfect.

I would say that it is definetly the flour, as I am living in Egypt, and they don’t process the flour as much as in the US, and there are no added chemicals and tastes. I have had to tweak all of my recipes from the US to make up for the issues. Keep on experimenting on one recipe, writing down how you tweak it each time, until it comes out right ( I did that for chocolate chip cookies for my kids and it worked-I am famous in my town for them). This will help you fix the other recipes.
Good Luck