For Kitchen Witch!

I just wanted to let you know how much I have appreciated your help these past two days. And you have every recipe I think known to mankind! You must either have a very extensive cookbook library or you are just very good at what you do! Thank you so much for your help!

You’re very welcomed! I try to help as much as I can - yes I have a very extensive library - and computer jammed with recipes. I am thankful to Ron for also having our sister site - SendMeRecipes - because the members of that site are given a recipe program that allows someone like me to make as many categories as I need and post thousands and thousands of recipes so that I can find them easier!

I wish I would have had that program a long time ago!

And like my name says - I’m a true KW - I love to cook and bake and I love to share.

Enjoy the recipes and thanks for sharing your with all of us here at RSN!

PS - I drove 3 hours (one way) today to go to a little book store that sells all old books - I’ve added a bunch more OLD cookbooks to my collection - I’ll be reading those for quite some time - even after they fall apart! LOL

I look forward to you sharing. I’m sure if you give me a few days I will come up with many more questions for you. I also have some more very old recipes I’d like to share with all that I will work on a bit tomorrow to get posted. Many of them my mother made for me while I was growing up and I still enjoy to this day.

I know that we will enjoy them also!

I’m not sure if I am posting my recipes where I am supposed to be? I read all the guidelines - but am a little confused still? Can you help clarify for me?

You’re doing just fine!